Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my horse travel with shoes?

Yes, it is OK to travel with shoes.  We recommend that hind shoes be removed on horses that are not used to traveling long distances.

  1. Do you recommend leg wraps for transport?

You can ship your horse with leg wraps, if they are used to being shipped with them.  Do not put them on for the first time for a long trip.

  1. Can I drop off my horse early at the airport?

There is no holding facility at the airport but we do have access to a layover barn in Riverside that regularly lays up horses coming and going to Hawaii.

  1. Can you help get my horse to LAX?

Yes, we regularly work with many different vanning companies and schedule vanning so that your horse will arrive in advance at our layover facility  to rest before the flight. We will also arrange vanning  to the airport.

  1. How much is the board and vanning from the Layover barn.

The board is $35 per day and vanning from the layover in Riverside to LAX is $250 per horse.

  1. What are the Health Requirements?

State of Hawaii import requirements are constantly changing.  To update yourself before importing your horse to Hawaii, please visit our Requirements page or the state of Hawaii HDOA Import Requirements page for details.

  1. Is there a veterinarian at the layover barn that can do the Health Certificate for Hawaii?

Yes, there is vet that we can help set up to redo or do the Health Cert but there is a charge for that. The charges can range from 90 to 210 depending on how much your horse needs to get done. The horse needs to be at the layover 24 hours before flight.

  1. Can I fly with my horse?

No, it is not possible for customers to travel with their horses. Because we only have one jump seat available with the animals, our experienced vet tech needs to accompany all of the horses on the flight.